Our Annual Selection of the Top Ten Bouldering, Sport, Trad, Alpine Climbing Videos

Paige Claassen - Rolihlahla (32, 5.13d)

Not only does Paige Claassen make the climbing on this gorgeous 5.13d look easy but the editing and multiple angles of filming give a sense of how much work and determination went into this send.

Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Climbing South East Alaska 2013

There is something really enjoyable about watching this video. David Hertel and Kurt Ross’s laid back attitude and ability to roll with the punches through long travels, poor weather and illness on an excursion remind us of why we do this climbing thing in the first place: because it’s fun!

Producer: Kurt Ross

Sasha DiGiulian "Era Vella" 5.14d (9a)

Sasha Digiulian has been making a name for herself as one of the best female sport climbers in America, if not the world. This video chronicles her trip to Spain as she attempts to push her climbing to the next level and to gain some inspiration and mentoring from Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra.

Producer: adidas Outdoor and 3 Strings Productions

The Only Blasphemy

Free soloing may be the most controversial aspect of rock climbing and with good reason, we have lost some of the world’s most accomplished climbers due to a single misstep while soloing. In this simple but powerful video, John Long tells the story of the climb that came close to being his last. Set against a background of old photos of the Stonemasters Long’s words don’t glorify soloing, rather they illuminate the risks that are being taken each time a climber, no matter how solid, choses to ascend without a rope.

Producer: Duane Raleigh and Rock and Ice

Spirits of Ásgarðr

Producers Joshua and Alex Lavigne have done a great job of setting the tone of isolation, remoteness and beauty of the area surrounding Mt. Asgard. This is the story of the first ascent of a bold new route but it’s also a very personal story for climber Jon Walsh who found the heaviness of life descend around him all at once.

Producer: ARC'TERYX

Portland Boulder Rally Highlights

Louder Than 11 shows us how entertaining competition coverage can be, with footage from the star-studded Portland Boulder Rally. Highlights from the finals are fast paced enough to keep your attention but still give lots of credit to each climb and each climber. A fun and inspiring video to get you stoked to hit your local gym.

Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Bouldering in Malawi - The Warm Heart Of Africa

Have you ever spent hours scrolling around on satellite maps looking for anything that resembles rock? Do you keep you eyes peeled at all times when driving on back roads, dreaming of finding an undiscovered cliff or boulder field? Mélissa Le Nevé and Benjamin Rueck show just how well the desire to find and develop new areas can pay off in this inspiring video documenting their trip to Malawi.

Also check out the behind the scenes footage
Producer: Vast Motion Pictures

Jenn Flemming - Devils Tower

The National Parks Foundation and Camp 4 Collective teamed up to make this stunning video of Jenn Fleming climbing at Devil’s Tower. The scenery is beautiful and the footage is spectacular. The video is also a promotion for America’s national parks and it’s great to see them making such high quality videos with great filmmakers for this campaign.

Producer: National Park Foundation and Camp4 Collective

Wind & Rattlesnakes

This well-made feature length documentary is snapshot of the scene of sport and boulder development happening right now in Lander Wyoming. But it’s also a history lesson in American sport climbing, a story of the time, effort and determination that go into new area development and a look at how each generation inspires and influences the next.

Producer: Kyle Duba

Martina Mali - Rumble in the Jungle

This short but sweet video has it all: good music, a touch of Jason Kehl eccentricity, beautiful rock and great climbing.

Producer: CryptoChild

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