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Practice of the Wild

Dave MacLeod working hard to climb Chris Sharma's hardest boulder problem, Practice of the Wild ( 8C/V15 ) in the Magic Wood.
Producer: Dark Sky Media

Bakers Dozen 35 – Tom Oh

Top quality footage from Australia's Blue Mountains with Tom O'Halloran on the FA of Bakers Dozen ( 35/9a/5.14d )
Camera & Editing: Simon Madden & Kamil Sustaik

Pasila Invitational - Boulderliiga Finals 2016

Cool routes and exciting action from the Finnish bouldering league Boulderliiga
Producer: Alvi Pakarinen

Ewbank Route

Sonnie Trotter doing the first clean ascent of the iconic Tasmanian pillar.
Producer: Bear Cam Media

Training For Climbing

Expert training instruction from the acclaimed author, researcher, and climbing coach Eric Horst.

You can watch the rest of this series on
Producer: Three Peak Films

High Spirits in Nepal

In 2015 renowned alpinists David Lama and Conrad Anker put up a valiant attempt to summit the unclimbed mountain Lunag Ri (6907m). This video documents their first attmept.
As an aside to this video, in 2016 the two-man team attempted the same route once again. Unfortunately Anker suffered a heart attack when they were only 180 metres from the summit. Miraculously he survived the experience with Lama’s assistance. You can read more about his close call here.
Producer: Servus TV
Filming: Martin Hanslmayr, Menk Rufibach, David Lama, Conrad Anker
Editing: Florian Klingler & Bernhard Stern

Jah Man Free Solo Base Climb

Steph Davis is in her element as she solos Jah Man in Castle Valley, then take the fun way down.
Producer: steph davis

Ice climbing in Norway

Filmmaker Lie Feng gracefully captures three climbers as they explore fantastic ice formations in Norway.
Producer: Lie Feng

World's Fastest Person to Climb the Matterhorn

Dani Arnold tears up the north face of the Matterhorn in an insanely fast time of 1 hour 46 minutes
Producer: Red Bull

Exploring Thailand

Pro climber Alex Johnson and friends give a neat little summary of the climbing scene in Thailand
Producers: Bear Cam Media & Kati Hetrick
Editor: Mark Billingsby

Daniel Makes Room For A New Boulder Hunter In The Colorado Woods

For years Hunter Damiani has diligently been posting videos of his bouldering first ascents. So it’s nice to see him get some credit for the contributions he’s made to the Colorado bouldering landscape.
Producer: SparkShop

The Classics EP#3 Supertramp

A profile of the classic multipitch Supertramp (400m 6a-7b). David Lama & Katherine Choong climb the route and discuss the route with the first ascensionist.
Videographer: Nicolas Falquet
Drone Pilot: Jérémie Heitz
Producer: Mammut

The BIFF 2016

The Beastmaker International Footless Festival proves you don’t need to wear your rubber to have a blast. This year’s competition provided great entertainment, with climbings duking it out on crazy upper body power problems.
Producer: British Mountaineering Council

Alex Puccio's Road to Recovery

An inspiring video for anyone healing an injury this winter. Alex’s progression through rehab to climbing V13/8b is exceptionally motivating.
Producers: Josh Troob of Height Films & Joel Zerr of Zerr Productions

Chris Sharma... back in business! "Joe Mama" 9a+

Sharma gets back into shape to climb 9a+/5.15a on the limestone walls of Oliana, Spain
Producer: Ricardo Giancola

Slow Details: Coupe de France de Chambéry

An artistic comp video with lighting that puts the focus squarely on the climbers.
Producer: Relais Vertical

Danny Parker | Offwidth is Fun

Strange, silly & awesome offwidth-roof-crack climbing.
Producer: Three Peak Films

BIG 4 - Wheel of Life

Jorg Verhoeven sends the 60 move marathon Wheel of Life (V15/8C)
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Prinzip Hoffnung - Barbara Zangerl

Zangerl puts distractions aside to do the first female ascent of the esthetic test piece Prinzip Hoffnung (5.14a/8b+)
Producer: Alpsolut Moving Pictures

Alex Honnold Solos Lover's Leap

Honnold's tribute to the legendary Dan Osman.

Statement from Alex Honnold about this video: "And for everyone who wonders why I don't do the double dyno - you freakin' go up there and jump around ropeless! Sketchy! I'm not as bold as Dan Osman was."
Producer: Stride Health

Magic Isles

Keenan Takahashi climbing three perfect boulders in Yosemite.
Producer: Eric Bissell

Mateusz Haladaj - First Ley

Haladaj walks us through his send of First Ley (9a+/5.15a) in Margalef, Spain
Filming & Edit: Wojtek Kozakiewicz
Producer: Millet Mountain

How to be a Rock Climber

Totally ridiculous with a few undeniable nuggets of truth.
Producer: IFHT Films

Tuolumne Meadows with Creg Phares

A couple boulders in Yosemite's high country - Art of War v12 & Solar Power V9
Producer: Walker Emerson

Artists on Jorasses

Julien Desecures and Sebastien Bohin dry-tool and ice-climb there way up the 1200m high north of Les Grandes Jorasses, Massif du Mont Blanc, France.
Director: Bertrand Delapierre

The Classics EP#1: Fiesta de los biceps

Anna Stöhr & Edu Marin climb an overhanging multipitch. After they talk to a local climber who once solo'd it.
Videographer: Nicolas Falquet
Drone Pilot: Nick Wolcott
Producer: Mammut

La Force - Toit d'Orsay

Alban Levier employes some crazy acrobatics to send this very hard sandstone roof.
Producer: Alban Levier


The last episode in a very exceptional video series featuring some lesser known climbing in South American.
We featured the first three videos from this series in on our Top Ten of 2015 collection.
Director: Mateo Barrenengoa L
Producer: Haka Honu

The Kraken V13 – Tom Randall

Randall establishes a 12m long finger-busting roof crack.
Producer: Hot Aches Productions & Chris Prescott

Role Reversal – Tim and Emily Harrington Climbing in Spain

Pro climber Emily Harrington coaches her 60 year dad up his first 5.12.
Producer: Louder Than Eleven
Sound: Fizzix Productions

Ueli Steck in Les Drus "North Couloir Direct"

Spectacular footage of Ueli Steck, Mathieu Maynadier and Jérôme Para on Les Drus (VI, Al 6+, M8)
Cinematographers: Bertrand Delapierre & Guillaume Broust
Producer: Petzl

Gran Canaria Mogan 2016

Idyllic December bouldering on the Canary Islands.
Producer: Vertical-Axis

Bouldering Albarracin Spain

A creative little bouldering edit that will move you in close to the action.
Producers: Mikkel Lima, Mathias Lima, & Camilla Hylleberg

Mirror Wall

A superb film that follows Leo Houlding and team up a 1200 meters vertical face in Greenland.
Producer: Coldhouse Collective

Ned Feehally climbs Voyager Sit Start

Feehally’s third ascent of this notorious Peak District boulder.

Life After Competition

Mélissa Le Nevé proving that she's just as talented on rock as she is on plastic
Producer: Johan Kervella & Relais Vertical

El Bon Combat 9B/+

Chris Sharma adds yet another 9b (5.15b) to planet earth.
Producer: Ricardo Giancola

Alpinisme / Massif du mont blanc

A poetic short film for those who aspire to experience mountain heights.
Producer: Nicolas Vazquez

"Monkey business" with Magnus Midtbø

Amazing training power with the Norwegian beast!

More power from Magnus:
Producer: Norwegian tv2 & Magnus Midtbø

Mina Meet Godzilla

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk battles Godzilla (8B/5.14a) on the alluring rock of Waterval Boven, South Africa.
Production & Editing: Jen Randall
Film & Director: Nick Brown

Dumbarton Days

Babsi Zangerl & Jacopo Larcher explore Scotland's trad testpieces
Film & Editing: Riky Felderer
Producer: Black Diamond

Jonas Winter in Fontainebleau

Power compression climbing on Big Island, Kheops, and Gecko.
Producer: climbtoheaven

AAC Universal Belay Standard: Lead Belaying

Thorough instruction on a variety of lead belay topics.
Producer: American Alpine Club

The Big Three: Bouldering in the Southeast

An enthralling promo for bouldering around Chattanooga, USA. This place looks awesome!
Producer: BG Captures

Battle Cat

The story of Lena Herrmann’s impressively stubborn efforts to climb Battle Cat (8c+/5.14c) in Frankenjura, Germany.
Producer: cinecircle

Colins First Climb

Colin Goodey returns, 70 years later, to the place where he did his first climb, knowing it might be his last.
Producer: Bryn Williams
Filmed, edited and directed: Rob Johnson - Filmuphigh
Time-lapse: Kris Williams

James Pearson's Le Bronx

Pearson learns what it take to climb fabricated route Le Bronx 8c+/5.14c
Producer: La Sportiva

VIAJE DE CRISTAL - with english subtitles -

A four person team keeps it fun during the exhausting, 12 day adventure of putting up a new big wall line in Brazil.
Producer: Noel Martinez de Aguirre

Glory Days

Meet Isaac Buckley
Producer: Isaac Buckley

Second Youngest To Climb 9a

At only 14-years-old Laura Rogora has climbed the roof of Grandi Gesti 9a/5.14d
Producer & Director: Andrea Cossu

BIG 4 - Ammagamma

Jorg Verhoeven climbing Ammagamma (V13/8b), a stunning boulder problem in the Grampians.
Producer: Louder Than Eleven
Sound: Fizzix Productions

Northside Boulders does Venus Baths

A little intro to a lovely looking bouldering area near Melbourne, Australia
Producer: Adventure Types

Chris Sharma, Pol Roca, Eric López, Training Day

Training day at Sharma’s gym.
Producer: Ricardo Giancola

Bouldering's Rising Star Ryuichi Murai

Incredibly Murai has sent three 8C/v15's in one month.
Producer: EpicTV


Together Nina Caprez and Cédric Lachat climb Orbayu, a 13 pitch limestone wall in Spain with a 8c/5.14b crux.
Producers: l'Illustroscope & Petzl

Nyainqentangla South East

Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden on their first ascent of Nyainqentangla South East (7046m) in Tibet
Producers: Nick Bullock, Paul Ramsden, and Matt Pycroft, & Mountain Equipment

Desert Dreams: The Return

Below the awesome red sandstone walls of Indian Creek lay countless boulders of the same perfect stone.
Producer: Nathaniel Davison

The Master of Moves

Jacky Godoffe - World Cup route setter, Fontainebleau guide book author, & legendary climber.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Technique for Intermediates

A great explantion of the Back Step & Drop Knee
Producer: Mani the Monkey

Edu Marin On 8b+ Sansara

Edu and his father tackle a Alex Huber test-piece multi-pitch
Producer: Miguelangel Costa

Highballin' First Ascents In Lil' Egypt

Ethan Pringle developing boulder problems at Bishop, USA
Producer: Bear Cam Media

Basilicata Stray Rocks

Director and Producer: Lorenzo Bona

BIG 4 - Groove Train

Jorg Verhoeven climbing one of the most incredible sections of rock in the world - Groove Train (33/5.14b) Grampians, Australia
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Shifting Dreams

Caroline Ciavaldini and her project to climb an absolutely spectacular alpine multi-pitch in Chamonix, France - Voie Petit (8b/5.13d)
Producer: Dark Sky Media & Chris Prescott

You and Me and the Devil Makes Three

A true Alaskan alpine adventure on Mt.Huntington.

Max Talsky & Jacon Mayer were shut down in 2011 on their first attempt to reach the summit of Mt.Huntington. When they returned 2 years by chance they met acclaimed alpinist Nancy Hansen on the glacier, who happened to be looking for a climbing partner. The three decided to join forces (and luck) on what proved to be a dramatic day on the mountain.
Producer: Jacon Mayer

The Unknown - Dave MacLeod

"The Unknown is an essential part of an adventure."
Producer: Dark Sky Media

Dungeon Master

Super drone flying skills to give us a close look at Dungeon Master (31/5.13c) - Nowra, Australia
Producer: Jake

Darkhorse Series 8 Round 3 Highlight Reel

Solid bouldering coverage from the DarkHorse Series in the USA.

This is Flo Climbing's first presentation of a climbing competition, and so far they're totally on point.
Producer: Flo Climbing

The Alex Megos Formula

A four part series that examines Alex Megos' brilliant talent for climbing.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Producer: madebynomads

The PsicoRoc Highlight Reel

Fun times at the PsicoRoc deep-water-solo climbing competition in West Virginia, USA
Producer: New River Alliance of Climbers

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