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Rocklands revisited

James Pearson trad climbing on the endless sandstone of the Rocklands South Africa

Watch Part 2 of the series:
Producer: Wild Country

Venga Al Dente: Joe Blau 8c+

"Be the noodle. You are the noodle"
Producer: tara reynvaan

Adam Ondra Flashes Jade 8B+/v14

Ondra crushes the classic American boulder, while Dave Graham looks on in amazement.
Producer: Sean Morgan

Bad to the Bone - North West face Mt Deborah

A very well made adventure film featuring Will Sim and Jon Griffith nabbing a first ascent in Alaska.
Producer: Jonathan Griffith


Three of the world's strongest climbers training reeeeally hard together: Dani Andrada, Edu Marín and Patxi Usobiaga

Watch chapter 1 and chapter 3 from this 3 part series.
Producer: David Lopez

Canadian Bouldering Nationals

Highlights with style from the Canadian National Boulder Comp
Producer: Mathieu Elie

Will Stanhope Goes Solo | Hardliners 3

Will casually romping around Joshua Tree.

More Hardliners episodes on EpicTV
Director: Kyle Berkompas & Kevin Ziechmann
Producer: SparkShop

The Hallucinogen Wall

Nik Berry and Hayden Kennedy free a bold trad route on the Hallucinogen Wall in Black Canyon, Colorado.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Sketches from the Bugaboos

Stunning aerial footage of the "best 5.4 in the world"

Watch in 4k at
Producer: Luke Allen Humphrey

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

A Dr. Seuss adventure in Wyoming, USA.
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Frozen Titans: The Making Of

It turns out that it's not easy filming someone on the most epic waterfall climb of all time.
This video documents how a production team was able to capture Will Gadd's monumental ascent of Helmcken Falls in Canada.
Producer: Reel Water Productions

Petzl RocTrip Turkey

A visit to Turkey done in the lively RockTrip style.
Producer: Petzl

E10 Fall

A little story about hitting the ground and getting back up again.

Taken from the movie 'Stone Free' portrait of a soloist:
Producer: Posing Productions


David Lama, on his first ascent of ‪Avataara‬ (5.14d) in the incredible Bataara Gorge.
Producer: Corey Rich Productions

Real Dirtbag Climbing In The Utah Desert

Dirtbag life on the alluring sandstone of Joe's Valley.

Ep. 4 of the series 4th Day On
Visit EpicTV for the rest of the series.

I'm a rock climber

A funny take on what it is to be a climber.

[Click "CC" for subtitles]
Producer: Girwet Entertainment

Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls

Will Gadd manages to get permission to do the first ascent of the famous Niagara Falls.
Producer: Red Bull

The Elks

A stunningly beautiful "self-portrait" in the mountains of Colorado, USA

Filmed solo with a Red Epic camera on Maroon Peak (14,156ft), Pyramid Peak (14,018ft) and Capitol Peak (14,130ft).

"Borealis" by Blake Ewing
"Leaving Earth" by Jordan Critz
Producer: Joe Kyle

Chilam Balam

Dani Andrada and Edu Marín develop an epic cave route going at 9a+/b with 235 moves to the top.
Producer: David Lopez

Slow Moments 2015

The Bouldering World Cup in Vail, slowed down for maximum amazingness
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Disco 2000, 8a+ Blåmman

Dave MacLeod, Jacob Cook & Calum Muskett FFA "Disco 2000" on Blåmman Mnt Norway. 7b, 8a+, 7a, 8a+, 7c, 7c, 7b+, 7a, 7a, 6a, 6c, 6b+, 5+
More info on Dave's blog
Producer: Dave MacLeod

Triple Crown Bouldering

Meet the bouldering competition series held USA southern sandstone. The series combines events at Horse Pens 40, Stone Fort, and Hound Ears.

Photography: Andrew Kornylak
Music: Mike Wideburg
More info about the Triple Crown
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Ambrosia V11

Lonnie Kauk climbs the imposing and serious Ambrosia in Bishop, California
Producer: Lonnie Kauk's brother

A Season At The Tor - Personal Limits

A short documentary about hard red-pointing on the thin British limestone of Raven Tor
Producer: JC

The Send Bros

A story about Cameron and Jonathan Hörst, 12 and 10 year old brothers who can crush!
Producer: Three Peak Films & Nicros
Director: George Bruce Wilson

The ɹǝɥʇO Way

A spellbinding contemplation on the pursuit of type-two fun
Producer: The North Face

La Diga di Luzzone

It takes a really big wall of concrete to make the highest artificial route in the world.

Located in Luzzone, Switzerland this route is 163 meters with each pitch going at 5b, 5c, 6a, 6b, 6b. Anyone can climb the route after paying around 20 euro to get access to the ladder.
Producer: Fabian Kuonen & Damian Ineichen

Ashima Shiraishi 9a/+ at 13

Young Ashima has been climbing at an unbelievable level this year. Here she climbs Open Your Mind Direct 5.14d/5.15a.
Producer: Parker Alec Cross &Petzl

How To Make Your Own Clip Stick

Jonathan Siegrist shares some ingenious tips for safely clipping the first bolt.
Producer: EpicTV

RAICES 01 - Araucanía

This series on Chilean climbing is not only expertly produced and visually tantalizing, but also has remarkable depth.
The filmmakers dig deep into the history & spirituality of peoples they meet, and keep a sharp focus on the natural history of the lands they explore.
Director: Mateo Barrenengoa L
Producer: Pancho Herrera Bravo & Haka Honu

RAICES 02 - Altiplano

This series on Chilean climbing is not only expertly produced and visually tantalizing, but also has remarkable depth.
The filmmakers dig deep into the history & spirituality of peoples they meet, and keep a sharp focus on the natural history of the lands they explore.
Director: Mateo Barrenengoa L
Producer: Pancho Herrera Bravo & Haka Honu

RAICES 03 - Valles Sagrados

This series on Chilean climbing is not only expertly produced and visually tantalizing, but also has remarkable depth.
The filmmakers dig deep into the history & spirituality of peoples they meet, and keep a sharp focus on the natural history of the lands they explore.
Director: Mateo Barrenengoa L
Producer: Pancho Herrera Bravo & Haka Honu

A Line Across The Sky (preview)

Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold on their historic first ascent of the Fitz Traverse in Patagonia.

Full 40 minute version here.
Producer: Big Up & Sender Films

The Iceland Trifecta

Photographer Tim Kemple finds some of Icelands most gorgeous yet frightening glacial features.
He sends world class ice climbers, Klemen Premrl and Rahel Schelb, up, across and even down into them all, capturing it brilliantly. Finalist at Banff mountain film festival, 2015.
Producer: Anton Lorimer, Kevin Harrington, Tim Kemple & SmugMugFilms

Conor Barthel climbs "Dogwood"

A simple little edit of a Yosemite classic
Producer: Fucking Climbing

Agent Of Cool

Lee Cossey completes an awesome 5.13d trad project in the Grampians.
Producer: Adventure Types

The Italian Climbing Files, Ep. 4

Stefano Ghisolfi visits Red River Gorge & quickly sends 'Pure Imagination' 5.14c and 'Southern Smoke Direct' 5.14d

Watch the other episodes in the series.
Producer & Director: Andrea Cossu

Dr J and Miss Hyde

A weird-funny-sexy bouldering video made to promote the sport.
Producer: Pietro Bagnara

Seattle Bouldering Challenge

A fun competition highlight reel, mixed with a behind-the-scene look at route setting for the finals.
Producer: Alex Tsway

Chelsea Rude vs. Thanatopsis

The tricky decision to gamble your whole climbing trip on one hard route.
Producer: François Lebeau

Project Fear

In this moody and suspenseful video Dave MacLeod attempts a new route on the giant roof of Cima Ovest.

The new route called Project Fear goes at 6b+, 6c+, 7a, 6c, 7b+, 8a+, 8c, 6c+, 6c+, 5+, 6a. Visit Dave's blog to read more about the route.
Producer: Coldhouse Collective


Producer: Kieran Duncan

Emily Harrington Sends Golden Gate

Featuring: Emily goes into battle mode to free climbs all 40 pitches of Golden Gate in Yosemite Valley, California. (5.13 VI)
Music: Fizzix Productions
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Big Wall Masters 2015

Featuring: A tight edit from the 'Big Wall Masters' bouldering competition in Moscow, Russia
Producer: Pavel Isaev

Alex Puccio crushing In Bishop

Featuring: Alex sending some hard classic problems - The Swarm V13, Buttermilker v12, Stained Glass V10 & Direction V13
Producer: Zerr Productions & Bear Cam Media

All Roads Lead to Scotland

Featuring: Nick Bullock and Tim Neill push one another to go bold on thin ice.

Routes climbed: Feeding Frenzy VI 7, Ben Nevis and Han Solo VIII 7, Ben Nevis
Producer: Coldhouse Collective

Siegrist Goes Full Project Mode

Featuring: Jonathan explaining what is takes to climb one of the hardest routes in the world - 'La Rambla' 9a+/5.15a

See more videos from the 'Nomad' series
Producer: Colette McInerney

Elba Discovery

Featuring: A group of young climbers spend 4 days developing virgin boulders on the island of Elba, near Tuscany, Italy.

This is the third video in a four part series. Watch the other videos from this series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
Producer: Lorenzo Bona

Mason Earle - Hardliners, Ep. 1

Featuring: Mason is only the third person to climb the super thin crack called 'Home On The Range' at Vedauwoo, WY, USA (5.13d)

More Hardliners episodes on EpicTV
Director: Kyle Berkompas
Producer: SparkShop

Sonnie Trotter - Estado Critico, 9a

Featuring: Sonnie Trotter returns to Spain with this family to finish a project nearly a decade and a half after his first attempt.
Producer: Bear Cam Media


Featuring: An understatedly funny short animation about struggle and triumph.

More information: Ascension Le Film
Music: Seth Stewart
Producers: Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry and Florian Vecchione

Heaven on Earth

Featuring: Jimmy Webb and Matt Gentil in Virgin Gorda With its quality and quantity of rock, gorgeous setting, and great weather, Virgin Gorda is sure to be a huge bouldering destination one day.
Producer: Alton Richardson, Rich Crowder & ClimbingMagazine

Siyinqaba, Ep. 4

Featuring: Nalle Hukkataival and Jimmy Webb meet their match in Swaziland as they sort through fields of unclimbed boulders.

Watch the rest of this series here.
Producer: Sandstones Media

Pitch 15 | The Dawn Wall

Featuring: Simple raw footage of Tommy climbing the incredibly delicate 5.14c crux during the famous Dawn Wall free ascent.
Producer: Big Up & Sender Films


Featuring: A close look at Jorg Verhoeven's historic ascent of The Nose (5.14) on El Capitan in Yosemite
Music: Fizzix Productions
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

The CWIF 2015: Highlights

Featuring: Competition highlights from the 9th Climbing Works International Festival in Sheffield, England.
Producer: The Climbing Works

Competition Climbing With Adam Ondra

Featuring: Adam talks competition climbing
Producer: EpicTV

Hecho En Mexico

Featuring: A short documentary about developing routes in endless limestone of Mexico.
Producer: Three Peak Films & Derrick Lytle

America's Strongest Women

Featuring: Training with America's strongest women, Megan Mascarenas was ready for the World Cup's arrival.
Producer: SparkShop

Power Climbing Motivation

Featuring: Impressive indoor antics from the strong and bouncy Louis Parkinson
Producer: MouvementProduction

One Year Later

Featuring: The story of Rosa Post's life after a climbing accident left her paralyzed from the waist down.
Music: Ricky Eat Acid
Producer: Nick Chambers & Rosa Malloy-Post

Wolgan Pillar

Featuring: A five year project to be the first to climb the Wolgan Pillar in Australia's Blue Mountains.
Producer: Martin Roberts

Ciavaldini's FFA of Requiem

Featuring: Caroline Ciavaldini's first female ascent of the notorious trad route called Requiem 5.13b/c (E8 6c)
Producer: Wild Country

The Search: Fontainebleau

Featuring: A 7 part series that follows few of Mexico's strongest climbers on their pilgrimage to France’s bouldering mecca

Watch Episode 2
Watch Episode 3
Watch Episode 4
Watch Episode 5
Watch Episode 6
Watch Episode 7
Producer: Amate Films

El Capitan in Google Maps

Featuring: Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell profile Yosemite's most iconic wall.
Producer: Google Maps

Stefano Ghisolfi 'Demencia Senil'

Featuring: Italian climber Stefano Ghisolfi repeats Chris Sharma's intense roof climb 'Demencia Senil' (9a+ / 5.15a) in Margalef, Spain.

This video is Episode 5 of the The Italian Climbing Files. Watch the other episodes in the series.
Producer: Andrea Cossu

Raw Power Vs Flawless Technique

Featuring: An oddball group of pro climbers, Hazel Findlay, Alex Megos, Emily Harrington & Tommy Caldwell go to the gym together.

Episode 6 of the Epic Climber series.
Director: Alan Sim
Producer: Donna Saarentola and EpicTV

Deep Throat

Featuring: A short documentary about the intimidatingly overhung mixed route called 'Deep Throat' (5.9 WI5/6 M7)
Producer: John Dickey

Alex Megos Climbs "Lucid Dreaming"

Featuring: Alex is just the third person to climb Lucid Dreaming (8C/V15), considered one of the world's hardest lines.
Producer: Ken Etzel & Red Bull

Of the rock I asked for the moon

Featuring: For those who embrace slab climbing and strive to attain higher levels of awareness on the wall.

French version
Producer: Bertrand Delapierre
Narration: Katie Moore

Hampi Local

Featuring: A spectatular look at the striking boulders found in India.
Producer: Lee James Thompson -

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