Bishop Bouldering

"This video was from one of several trips to the Buttermilk and the Sads."

Jofrann Gonzales
Kyle Gray
Austin Josif
Spencer Josif

Song: "Greenland" -Emancipator
Producer: Spencer Josif

Bala Bala!

"A story about Klemen Bečan's contribution to Slovenian climbing scene
through developing climbing area called Osp, especially its most famous crag, where the hardest rock climbing routes are found, called "Pajkova streha", which means Spider's roof. The story follows Klemen's achievments in developing and climbing the marvelous cave, full of limestone tufas; since the year of 2007, Klemen bolted 7 popular routes, including two of the hardest rock climbs in Slovenia, Halupca 1979 (9a) and Waterworld (9a), which Klemen sended few months ago. The period of bolting and climbing was ended with upgrade of all the rutes; in late march 2014, Klemen bolted a 180 m long, multi-pitch route, which he graded around 8b(?). In the movie, you can also see the appearance of a young, talented Slovenian climber of the new generation Domen Škofic, who sended Klemen's project Water World, and also one of the most legendary Slovenian female climbers in history, Martina Čufar Potard, a successful competion and rock climber.
Producer: Stripe Visuals

Impossible Invitation

"Kevin Jorgeson and his impossible invitation to free the hardest unclimbed big wall route in the world

Directed & Filmed by:
Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski

Edited by:
Andy Mann & Josh Povec

Assistant Editor:
Lilly Rosenthal
Producer: 3 Strings Productions

Hueco Rock Rodeo 2014

"Event Video for the 21st Annual Hueco Rock Rodeo!

It was a truly awesome event this year, held to benefit the Hueco Tanks
State Historic Site, outside of El Paso, TX.

"For the past three years I have helped run the Hueco Rock Rodeo, and after each event I have had the privilege of saying it was the best Hueco Rock Rodeo yet. Once again the 21st Hueco Rock Rodeo gave me the opportunity to say it was the largest and most excellent rodeo to date. Without my predecessors, sponsors and volunteers it would be impossible. Thanks everyone especially 5.10, Adidas, the AAC and HTSHP. "

Melissa Strong
Hueco Rock Rodeo Event Organizer

Huge thanks to Beau Kahler, David Mason, and Hiro Watanabe for their assistant camera work!

Music is by Stenchman - Loco Motion, Silicon Future, Western Riddim
Producer: Bearcam Media

Destination Fontainebleau

"One of the largest and best bouldering destinations in the world.

Situated just south of Paris the forest of Fontainebleau spreads over 25,000 hectares and has an abundance of climbs of all style and difficulty; welcoming millions of climbers a year. The area has been developing since the 50’s and continues to grow, hosting some of the world’s most iconic and hardest boulder problems.
This film was shot over a 3 week trip to the forest, where we learnt many things. William can recall every single climb known to man, Joe knows how to let everyone in the forest know he’s fallen off, Nathan tries too hard and injures himself, and I am king of table tennis. Also we climb a few quality, desperate, and classic boulder problems.

A production by Supreme Odyssey

William Buck
John Thornton
Joe Swales sponsored by Red Goat Climbing Company, Evolv and Metolius
Nathan Phillips sponsored by Scarpa, ROKT Climbing Gym, prAna, Metolious, Peak Pro Fitness.
Producer: John Thornton

Always Above Us

"Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson climb the Nutcracker

Leading the life of a climber involves a tremendous amount of sacrifice and hardship, but for team athletes Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson, there’s no living without it. In 1999, on an expedition in Tibet, team alpine climbers Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson lost their good friend and exploration companion, Alex Lowe, to an avalanche that narrowly missed Conrad himself. To preserve Alex’s honor, Conrad and Kris establish and send the Nutcracker, a new ice climb route in Hyalite Canyon, Montana. Their story, and climb, are captured here by Sherpas Cinema.
Producer: thenorthfacevideo

Paige Claassen - Running as Cross-Training

"Paige Claassen talks about her newly discovered passion for trail running, and how she utilizes it to maintain her fitness and improve her climbing
Producer: lasportivana

Mt. Stuart's North Ridge

"The North Ridge of Mt. Stuart in Central Washington is a true classic. High quality granite from bottom to top, loads of mountain goats, and some good friends make this experience not to be missed.

Follow our adventure to climb North America's Fifty Classic Climbs:
Producer: Mark Smiley

Joe Kinder Sends Maquina Muerte, 5.14+

"When it comes to sending hard projects, even the best climbers don't always know when—or even if—it's going to happen. You bring hope and intent and training...and then you go to work.

For Black Diamond Athlete Joe Kinder, Maquina Muerte was that kind of climb. Steep and physical, the southern-Utah line is a testpiece of power and resolve, culminating in a 'bastard undercling' that protects the crux. "This thing gave me grief," Joe says of making the 5.14+'s first ascent. "But it was so nice to complete."
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Crown Jewel

Crown Jewel:
"One of Tahoe’s finest unclimbed lines, Crown Jewel, was sent by Kyle O’Meara this past summer. It climbs a perfectly clean 30 foot overhanging wall with sustained moves throughout. The boulder sits in a spectacular position perched above the Phantom Spires.

About Time In The Pines:
Over the past few years a select group of hard climbing Tahoe locals have been scouring the area, spending a ton of time under the big pine trees and secretly picking off world class boulder problems. The Time In The Pines series is a tip of the hat to the hard work that the select few have put in.

Produced by: Deep Roots Media & SkyPoint Visuals
Director/DP: Dane Henry
Additional Camera: Sean Haverstock & John Considine
Gimbal Tech/Camera Stabilization: Sean Haverstock
Music: The Polish Ambassador - Float With Me
Courtesy of The Polish Ambassador
Producer: Deep Roots Media - Dane Henry

Crack School Episode 8 - Advanced Hands

"In these more advanced sessions Tom and Pete looks at more advanced techniques for crack climbing
- when the crack doesn't do what you want to - when it's too wide, too thin or non existent!!! They look at what tricks and techniques you need in your armoury to take your jamming one stage further.
Wild Country ‘Crack School’ is a series of eight short videos designed to utilise the skills and knowledge of our climbers Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker to give an introduction to crack climbing. Over 8 episodes the guys cover all widths of crack: Fingers, Hands, Fists and Offwidths as well as looking at the skills of gear placement and taping up. In the first episodes of Crack School Tom and Pete looked at the basic techniques of crack climbing, the all important building blocks for any would be crack climber - how to jam, what to do with the feet and when to place gear.

As Tom Randall says: ‘Crack climbing well is a fantastic feeling and learning how to climb cracks opens up a world of routes, and indeed some of the best routes in the world: from Brown and Whillans’ classics in the UK (try doing Cenotaph Corner or the Sloth without being able to jam) through to Yosemite and Indian Creek in the USA. And remember, the best climbers always have a variety of techniques at their disposal and having a variety of techniques always makes you a better climber!!’
Producer: Wild Country

AUGMENTIUM (30, 8a+) - A Trad First Ascent

Squib Climbing the First Ascent of Augmentium (30, 8a+) in Freycinet National Park, TASMANIA, Placing all his gear on lead.
Producer: Get A Dog Up Ya Productions


Kim Miller climbs "Skyline" in City of Rocks, ID.

Edit: Kipp Schorr - Wagon Productions
Producer: Wagon Productions

Leather Nose 8B+

"This story is about the first 8B+ in Russia, which has been opened by Artem Petrakov last september at the newly developed area called Lietlahti. Artem named the line Kozhanyi Nos (leather nose) in memory of his dog, which died on the same day, as he climbed the problem.

История про то, как скалолаз из Москвы Артем Петраков первым пролез потрясающий проект по нависанию в Лиетлахти, ныне известный под названием Кожаный Нос (Артем назвал трассу в память о своей собаке, умершей в тот же день, когда он пролез проект). По словам Артема, это самая сложная трасса из тех, что он пролез (а список его достижений довольно внушителен). Артем предложил категорию сложности 8В+, чего прежде не случалось на территории Российской Федерации!
Producer: Pavel Isaev

Statement of Youth 8a

30 years later Ben Moon revisits his 1984 8a, Statement of Youth.

"It seems hard to believe but it was 30 years ago back in 1984, aged just 18 that I made the first ascent of the UK's 2nd 8a Statement of Youth. At the time it caused quite a stir in the climbing world not because of it?s difficulty but because I had used 7 bolts to climb it. To those not familiar with climbing in the 1980s this might seem pretty strange but back then sport climbing in the UK didn't exist. Although it would take a few years this was all going to change and Statement played a big part in this change. During the past 30 years I have made several 1st ascents around the world but there are none that I am more proud of than Statement of Youth. Located at Lower Pen-Trwyn (LPT to most people) on the Great Orme in North Wales the route takes a line up the right-hand side of the steep left hand section of the cliff. With no particular crux section but very sustained at the grade it's a right of passage for the sport climber aspiring to the magical 8th grade. To celebrate its 30th anniversary I recently made a trip back to LPT with my good friend Steve Lewis to make a short film about that summer and the first ascent of Statement of Youth. I hope you enjoy." - Ben Moon
Producer: moonclimbing and Steve Lewis

Desert Ice

"Winter of 2014 was a big snow year in Southern Utah. When Scott Adamson and his compadres set out to explore
these high desert canyons, there was one recorded ice climb. What they found would forever change the way we see desert climbing.
Producer: Arc'teryx & 3 Strings Productions

Kraft-A Climbing Short

Kraft Boulders, Las Vegas, NV

Angel's Dyno (V8)
Monkey Bar Direct (V7)
Pork Chop (V3)

Kendrick Lamar
"m.A.A.d City"
Producer: Joe Ramos

“Bird of Prey” on Moose’s Tooth

"David Lama & Dani Arnold on this first ascent of a new route on the Moose's Tooth in Alaska - 6a, M7+, 90°, A2.
Lama is best known for being able to scale the world’s toughest alpine climbing routes, while Arnold is famous for his speed. The two young alpinists recently teamed up for an expedition to Alaska and were able to realize a spectacular first ascent right away. With their new route “Bird of Prey” Lama and Arnold managed to pull off the first line through the central headwall of the 1500-metre (4500 ft.) east face of Moose’s Tooth. The duo finished the demanding climb with sections up to 6a, M7+, 90°, A2 in remarkable speed, making it back to base camp within 48 hours.
Producer: redbull

Ice Pillar Snaps

"Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here's How He Survived | Sub-Zero, Ep. 3 - Sub-Zero explores the souls of four top Canadian ice climbers and this time we meet John Freeman, a mountain guide
Producer: Epictv

Lead Now Tour - India

"India marks stop #6 of Marmot's Lead Now Tour (, a global tour to inspire people through rock climbing and raise $10,000 a month for twelve different non-profit organizations.

6 months deep into travel, the Lead Now team finds a new rhythm in India during the month of December. With 5am daily wakeup calls to work India’s hardest sport climb before sunrise, Paige Claassen and 2 of India’s strongest climbers – Tuhin Satarkar and Sandeep Kumar Maity – navigate not only heat but the cultural barriers of a country deeply rooted in tradition. In a culture where women are expected to keep the home, dress conservatively, and live under the guidance of men, a woman climbing Ganesh (5.14a/8b+) is an unexpected event. Follow the Lead Now team deeper into the struggles of women in India as Ruchira Gupta, Emmy winning founder of Apne Aap Women Worldwide, describes her work to end sex trafficking and forced prostitution in India, and encourage the hope, empowerment, and shared courage of women around the world.

To support Lead Now's $10,000 fundraising goal for Apne Aap Women Worldwide, visit

In partnership with Marmot (, Fitness Magazine (, and Men's Health (

Additional footage provided by:
Ruchira Gupta - "The Selling of Innocence" ©1996

Music -
Vinod Prasanna × Okey Szoke × Pompey - Raag (Youtube)
Vinod Prasanna × Okey Szoke × Pompey - Cascading
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Ashima Shiraishi's PERFECT DAY

"What's your idea of a perfect day? For the 12 year old climbing phenom Ashima Shiraishi it's a little different than most. Follow Ashima on her "perfect day" in Hueco Tanks, Texas as she sends the classic V10 Full Service.
Producer: CryptoChild

Best of Bouldering World Cup 2014

"Promoting the incredible sport of bouldering and the fantastic events of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup Series.
Reproduced with IFSC's permission. All video contents remain their intellectual property. Monetisation of the video goes exclusively to fund the International Federation of Sport Climbing and the events shown in this video. Share with your friends to help promote climbing. Music: Bandit - Aria We included all the of World Cup finalists of the season.
Producer: Mouvement Production

Sharma & Glowacz - Into the light

Episode 3: "Climbing legends Stefan Glowacz (Germany) and Chris Sharma (USA) team up to master a climbing route in the Majlis al Jinn cave in Oman. The route has never been attempted before and counts as the world’s longest roof climb with 13 pitches. Both athletes descended into the bowels of the earth into the giant Majlis al Jinn Cave to climb the probably biggest roof this planet has to offer. No one has taken on this challenge so far, the idea is unique. Glowacz and Sharma climbed from the bottom of the Majlis al Jinn Cave back to Earth’s surface.
Producer: world of freesports

Angela Eiter's FFA Zauberfee 8c

Angela Eiter's first female ascent of Zauberfee in Italy - 8c
Producer: redbull

Hangboard Assist

Quick, Easy and Cheap assisted system for dead hangs and pull ups.

Producer: theaverageclimber

Solo BASE, Ep. 1

"There’s A Fine Line Between Fun And Terrifying - These Guys Just Jumped Off It"
Producer: Epictv

Ice Climbing Beside an Active Waterfall

"Super-climber Will Gadd attacks the world's most challenging mixed climb: Canada's Helmcken Falls. On February 11th, Will Gadd and his team successfully reached the top of the Falls in British Colombia, Canada, after an exhausting and icy eight-hour climb. The route is considered to be the toughest mixed ice route in the world."
Producer: redbull

PsychoGramm - Alex Luger

Alex Luger in his tradclimb PsychoGramm 8b+
Producer: Beat Kammerlander

Welcome To The Future

"Time In The Pines: Welcome To The Future: Sitting in the picturesque Hope Valley, just outside the Tahoe basin, Welcome To The Future has become a classic test piece of the area. With the imagination to see the line, Welcome to the Future was first climbed by Jesse Bonin. The climb starts on shallow dimples, leading to a reachy throw, and finishing up an improbable hold less arete.

Produced by: Deep Roots Media & SkyPoint Visuals
Director/DP: Dane Henry
Additional Camera: Sean Haverstock & Chris Stamey
Focus Pull: Corey Rich
BTS & Assist: Bligh Gillies
MoVI Tech/Camera Stabilization: Sean Haverstock

Music by: ODESZA
Album: In Return
Track 1: Kusanagi - Track 2: Koto
Courtesy of ODESZA
Producer: Deep Roots Media - Dane Henry

No Sleep Till Bakewell

"Crack climbers Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker as they attempt 125 climbs, 22 mile run and 0 sleep all in 24hrs.
Producer: CASIO


"Gramicci Athlete Josh Larson and friends climb a few classics across the beautiful and hot deserts. This short, features boulders from Bishop, Hueco and Red Rocks.

Sponsored by - Gramicci
Filmed by - Vince Schaefer
Edit by - Josh Larson
Producer: Cold House Media


"Rock climbing in Freycinet National Park - Tasmania. Gina Sorensen Climbing Antimatter (23) 7a at the Star Factory which is located on Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania.
Producer: Get A Dog Up Ya Productions

Alex Honnold Solos Heaven

Alex Honnold solos Heaven 5.12d/7c, Yosemite
Producer: Squarespace

Steph Davis: Crazy Beautiful Thing

"Steph Davis shares her search for connection and perfection on the sandstone cliffs of Moab, Utah."
Producer: pranacollective

Jimmy Webb Defies Gravity

Jimmy nabs the second ascent of Defying Gravity V15. A perfect boulder problem with an incredible move.
Producer: Bearcam Media

Kilian Fischhuber - Digital Warfare

Last year the Wow Prow crag in South Africa received some well deserved attention for it's irresistible rock. Inspired, Kilian took a trip south where he climbed Digital Warfare 8b+/5.14a on his 2nd attempt.
Producer: Epictv

Putting in the Time

Proving that stubborn dedication can be the magic that gets you to the top.
Producer: jessebonin

Setting Up A Belay

Episode 2 of 'Learning to Lead' - how to set up a gear belay taught by Guide Katherine Schirrmacher
Producer: Wild Country

Dark Horse Highlights

"MetroRock’s fifth year of the Dark Horse Series concludes in a heart-stopping Championship round where six of the country's most vicious, blood-thirsty competitors battle for this year’s title."
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

To Climb An Iceberg

What motivates these climbers to mess about with unpredictable and slabby icebergs in the arctic waters isn't clear. None-the-less, it makes for some eye catching scenes, and ridiculously sketchy drama.
Producer: GoPro

Albarracín Spain | Europe's Best Crags

This year Jen Randall and Alex Gorham traveled throughout Europe to find the best climbing areas.
In this episode they enjoy the world renowned sandstone of Albarracín.
Producer: Light Shed Pictures & Epictv

Adam Ondra On-sights Two 8c's in Norway

In this cut footage from the upcoming movie Change, Adam demonstrates his remarkable on-sight skills on Nordic Flower 8c/+ and Muy Verdes 8c/+ at the Hanshelleren cave in Flatanger, Norway.

PUZZLES 01: Jorge Tost

Jorge's experience with establishing a new problem in Albarracín, Spain
Producer: Tokats Delala

Pic Saint Loup

Nina Caprez climbs Hélix 8c+ and Cédric Lachat Staphylocoque 9a+, two routes on beautiful limestone of Pic Saint Loup, France.
Producer: Cédric Lachat

One of grit's biggest days

Hard and risky climbing on grit stone from Pete Whittaker Tom Randall
See more at
Producer: Wild Country

Tying The Knot

An untraditional wedding on Pingora Peak

"Brian and Mandy left their home on bicycles (rode 14 miles), hiked into the Cirque of the Towers in Wyoming's Wind River Range (24 miles), climbed the Northeast Face of Pingora Peak (1,200' of climbing, 11,884' summit elevation, Grade IV, 5.8, 9 pitches), got married, and reversed the approach. On their wedding day they were awake and moving for 24 hours, the entire trip was just under 45 hours."
Producer: Kyle Duba

Fire Pillaren: Four Pillars of Lofoten

"Two climbers make a voyage of discovery to the magical Lofoten Islands."
Producer: Hidden Valley Films

Nalle Hukkataival Goes Big in Vegas

Nalle travels to Vegas, USA to put up new problems and repeat Meadowlark Lemon v15
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Border Lands

Episode 2 : Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle, and Liv Sansoz travel to the remote Tian Shan Mountains near the border of China and Kyrgyzstan to establish a spicy big wall climb.

Episode 1 is available here.
Producer: 3 Strings Productions & Mountain Hardwear

Strawberry Roan

20 years after Todd Skinner found and bolted this stunning arête, the Strawberry Roan project finally sees a first ascent.
Producer: Sail Productions & evolvsports

The Cosmic Boulder

In Idaho, USA a river channel has carved unique rock formations which make for some very cool climbing.
Producer: Kristopher Zigich

New Routes in Lebanon's Tannourine

Brittany Griffith develops new rock in Tannourine, Lebanon, a new climbing area with world class limestone and potential for more than 600 routes.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Jan Hojer in Fontainebleau

"Kinetic energy [noun]: energy which a body possesses by virtue of being in motion."
Producer: mammut

Hueco Tanks

Boulders: loaded direct, tequila sunrise, free willy, diaphonus sea, right martini, diabolique.
Producer: GRTA Studio | Rok Klančnik

The Development

The process to develop an unclimbed boulder.
Producer: alextsway

Mason Earle Yosemite FA

Mason Earle's first free ascent of Psycho Bitch (5.13b), an old project on Schultz's Ridge in Yosemite Park USA.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Soul of Stone

Bernd Arnold has completed over 980 first ascents in his many years of climbing. His unorthodox barefoot style is intriguing, but it's his sober philosophy on the paradox of fear and joy in climbing that make this short film stand out.
Producer: Rainier Films

Bushido FA

Producer: msomai

Harald Berger solos 300m Waterfall

This video definitely wasn't made for climbers, but the footage of Berger climbing 'The Supervisor' is too good to pass up.
Producer: outsidetelevision

Alex Honnold's Birthday Challenge

Alex Honnold spends his 29th Birthday soloing for 16 hours in Squamish, Canada.
Producer: The RV project

Beyond Good and Evil

Three separate climbing pairs discuss their encounter with a hard and rarely climbed ice route on the Mont Blanc Range. More images and story about this video.
Producer: Millet

Jason Kehl's World of Illusions

Jason completes two more proud first ascents in Hueco, including what he calls "one of the sickest undone roof lines in the park".
Producer: cryptoch1ld

Patagonia Dreamin

Jason Kruk & Marc-Andre Leclerc head south for some gnarly climbing in Patagonia.
Producer: Alias Cinema | Alex Lavigne

A Day in the Life of Alex Honnold

Alex starts the day on John Bachar's free solo circuit at Owens River Gorge, and on to Bishop for bouldering.
Producer: Chuck Fryberger & SPARKSHOP

Alex Honnold - The Shining Path

Alex solos The Shining Path, 2,500 feet, 5.12+
Producer: Camp 4 Collective

Monkey in Wonderland

Why not solo with a giant monkey costume on....
Producer: mansnowboarder