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Jason Kehl In Hueco Land

Year after year, CryptoChild continues to find more striking lines in the Hueco Mountains of Texas.
Film & Edit: Nathaniel Davison

Michaela Kiersch & The Golden Ticket

Shorter than the average climber, Michaela defies expectations and fights hard to get first female ascent of The Golden Ticket (5.14c/8c+) at Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA
Film and Camera: Andy Wickstrom & Just Go Climb (Gabi Fox, & Brandon Fox)
Aerial Footage: Wilkinson Visual

Cerro Kishtwar

Thomas Huber, Stephan Siegrist und Julian Zanker seek extreme big wall adventure in the Kashmir region of the Himalayas
... venturing up the unclimbed northwest face of Cerro Kishtwar.
Producers: Kletterszene & Adidas Outdoor

Toru Nakajima - Beyond

Toru has a most amazing attitude for his lofty goal to climb Lucid Dreaming V15/8c
Producer: Hashimoto Ima

MAD in Madagascar

Siebe Vanhee & Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll climb ground-up on an unclimbed line of the Tsaranoro Atsimo granite massif.
Edit: Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll
Camera: Sean & Siebe Vanhee

James Pearson climbs The Quarryman

A notorious & highly technical 5.13b/8a sport route at a British slate quarry.
Videographer: Neil Hart

Walls Are Meant For Climbing: Alex Honnold

"The ridiculously understated story about soloing El Capitan”
Producer: The North Face
Animator: Drew Christie

Joe Kinder On the FA of Bone Tomahawk

Joe establishes his hardest route (5.14d/9a). A long line on limestone pockets and mini-tufas.
Video Production: Tristan Greszko & Savannah Cummins

Immortel Island

World Cup climber Alban Levier doing the first repeat of Psycopad (v13/8b) on Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean

Part 2: Le bastion Ori-Flamme
Part 3: Le Défi
Videographer: Marie Trouvé

The Classics | Midnight Lightning

Ron Kauk talks about the first ascent of what is arguable the world's most famous boulder problem.
Midnight Lightning V8/7b+ at Yosemite's Camp 4.
Videographer: Nicolas Falquet
Producer: MAMMUT

Babsi and Jacopo Send Zodiac

Only the third time in history that this 16-pitch 5.13d/8B route on El Cap has been free climbed.
Videography & Edit: Louder Than Eleven

Carlo Traversi Takes On The Triple 14 Challenge

An odd but significant challenge; V14, 5.14, and a 14 thousand foot mountain all in one day.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Pamela Shanti Pack: "The Kill Artist"

The queen of offwidth sends a particularly frightening first ascent in Utah, USA
Director: Dustin Moore
Narrator: Derek Cheng
Cinematography & Story: Dustin Moore, Liz Kim, & Derek Cheng

Too much Slack while Lead Belaying?

An ambitious effort to use physics modelling and experimentation to determine the ideal amount of slack to give when belaying.
Part of the 'Overcoming the Fear of Falling' series

Click here to watch more videos from this great series.
Producer: Day In Nature

Piolet d'or 2017 "Tibet"

A short documentary celebrating Paul Ramsden and Nick Bullocks award winning climb of Nyanchen Tanglha (7,046m)
Director: Bertrand Delapierre

Bloc Buster 2017

Videographer Mathieu Elie brings his unique brooding style to climbing competition highlights. This video features action from Canada's national bouldering series, Tour de Bloc
Edit: Mathieu Elie
Camera: Mathieu Elie & Alexandre Croteau

Rurec Valley

The Pou brothers travel to Peru to establish adventurous and hard free climbs. Here they climb Qui Io Vado Ancora (7c+/5.13a 585m) in the Rurec Valley. One of three videos from their trip.
Part 1: YAKUMAMA 7a+ 185m at the Gocta Waterfall
Part 3: ZERAIN 8a 860m on Mount Chaupi Huanca 5,179m
Producer: Al Aire Films

The Legacy Project

Kevin Jorgeson & Ben Rueck do the first free climb of the West Face of Sentinel in Yosemite.
Producer: adidas Outdoor

Jonathan Siegrist And The Art Of Projecting

Sending his hardest climb yet, Pachamama 9a+/15a, in Oliana, Spain.
Producer: Tara Kerzhner

The Fire Within

An expertly crafted short film about Stephan Vogt's 20 days of effort to climb Action Directe 9a/5.14d
Writer & Director: Alexej Funke
Production: Cinecircle

Marcel "Au Sommet De Son Art

94 years old Marcel Remy once again ventures up the legendary Miroir de l'Argentine; he has climbed this 450m tall wall over 200 times.
Director: Nicolas Falquet
Producers: Christian Gisi & Christoph Schaub
Edit: Jonathan Gallaud & Nicolas Falquet

Mote in God's Eye, V13/8B - Lincoln Lake, CO

A nice little boulder edit from Paul Robinson
Producer: Paul Robinson

Nina Caprez: To Bolt Or Not To Be

Nina takes on Smith Rock’s masterpiece of technical climbing.

To Bolt Or Not To Be is an iconic 5.14a/8b+ sport climb known for its perfect vertical wall, small crimps, and the relentless focus that is required to climb it.
Editing & Music: Mathieu Rivoire
Videography: Julien Nadiras

Basic Foot Technique

Pro climber & gym owner Magnus Midtbø covers the basics of footwork.
Producer: Magnus Midtbø

Stefano Ghisolfi Sending First Round First Minute

The fourth ascent of Chris Sharma's 5.15b/9b in Margalef, Spain
Producer: Andrea Cossu

Shauna Coxsey & Leah Crane in California

Two world class competitors visit America for fun, training and classic boulders at Joshua Tree National Park.
Producer: Bear Cam Media

Life Coach

Alex Honnold turns the camera on climber/photographer/artist Renan Ozturk during a trip to Alaska’s Ruth Gorge.
Producer: Camp 4 Collective

The Classics | Dreamtime

Fred Nicole treats Jan Hoyer & Jule Wurm to a history lesson about the world's first 8C/V15
Videographer: Nicolas Falquet
Producer: MAMMUT

Maky Martínez does not let herself fall

Maky visits Bernal, Mexico & explains her fun perspective on bouldering.
Producer: Yama Films

Jan Hojer "The Other Side"

World cup competitor Jan Hojer enjoys some hard classic boulders at Hueco Tanks, Texas.
Producer: Three Peak Films

Of Choss and Lions

A climbing adventure in Kenya with Alex Honnold & Cedar Wright
Direction, Editing & Writing: Cedar Wright & Taylor Keating

Climbing Above Freezing Water

Deep Water Soloing
Producer: Magnus Midtbø

Tour des Crochues

Les Violons Tziganes Aiguilles Rouges Chamonix Mont-Blanc alpinisme
Producer: tvmountain

Cracking Cobra

Mason Earle adds his name to the short list of climbers who have bested the Cobra Crack (5.14b/8c)
Produced By: Eliza Earle & Mason Earle


The World’s Best Bouldering in Rocklands, South Africa
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Annapurna III – Unclimbed

The highly skilled team of David Lama, Hansjörg Auer & Alex Blümel endeavour up the south-east ridge of Annapurna III (7,555m)
Producers: David Lama, Florian Klingler, Robert Trenkwalder
Director: Jochen Schmoll
Camera: Menk Rufibach, Martin Hanslmayr
Edit/Colouring: Christoph Gripentrog
Sound: Jankowski Soundfabrik

Ryuichi Murai Destroys Magic Wood's Hardest Boulders

Despite it being a short and wet trip, Ryuichi Murai manages to make short work of some of Switzerland’s hardest boulders.

Ryuichi's Tick list:
In search of time lost 8C/V15
Practice of the wild 8C/V15
Remembrance of things past 8B+/V14
Never ending story 8B+/V14
Ill Thrill 8B+/V14
Riverbed 8B/V13
One summer in paradise 8B/V13
Steppenwolf 8B/V13
High Spirit 8A+/B
The bizarre ride 8A+
Massive Attack 8A+
Sofasurfer 8A/A+
Nothing Changes 8A
Voigas 8A
Muttertag 8A
Foxy Dyno 8A
Piranha 7C+
Hohenzone 7C
Producer: Mikkel Lima


Producer: Pavel Isaev

Within Reach

Producer: Talweg Creative & REI

Alexander Megos on Helveticlimb Tour

Alexander Megos climbs 10 of Switzerland’s hardest routes in 6 Days
Producer:, Powerhouse, &Redbull


Big Wall Climbing in Yosemite with Jorg Verhoeven and Katha Saurwein
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

2017 Slow Moments

Vail Bouldering World Cup
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

The Classics | C'etait demain

World Cup climbers Anna Stöhr and Jakob Schubert attempt Fontainebleau's first 8A/V11.
C'etait demain is a line first climbed by Jacky Godoffe in 1984.
Videographer: Nicolas Falquet
Producer: MAMMUT

The 'Best Trick' Comp

Stefano Ghisolfi, Alex Megos, Nalle Hukkataival, And More
Producer: EpicTV

The Power of the Psych

US national championship Nathaniel Coleman being awesome indoors and out.
Director & Editor: Ben Neilson

Psychopad (8B/V13) by Oriane Bertone

The amazing 12 year old from Réunion Island
Producer: Marie Trouvé

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