Pamela "Shanti" Pack and The Forever War

Description: "Pamela "Shanti" Pack climbing "the hardest offwidth crack" in Vedauwoo, WY.
The Forever War 5.13c/d R. Pamela nabbed the first ascent of The Forever War in June of 2012
"The Forever War is an 85-foot pitch featuring 20 feet of inverted climbing through a steep roof, followed by overhanging arm-bars capped by 30 feet of 5.12a blue-collar groveling. Despite the two bolts, the route still requires a hefty rack." -Pamela "Shanti" Pack
Producer: Liberty Mountain

Climber's Journal Series: UK

Description: "Exploring the amazing lands of England, Scotland and Wales. Even if you're not a climber, watch it and be amazed by the astonishing landscape.

This video is dedicated to a good friend, who's not among us any more.

Music: Cinematic Orchestra - the awakening of a woman
Producer: Rok Klančnik

Honnold Triple Teaser

Description: "On June 5 and 6, 2012 Alex Honnold made the first ever solo link up of Yosemite's Mt Watkins, El Capitan, and Half Dome, climbing 95% free solo with a few points of aid. He finished the solo triple in 18 hours 50 minutes. This is raw footage from his climb of Watkins... For REEL ROCK 7 tour dates, trailer, and tickets, visit
Producer: senderfilms


Description: "Short bouldering film made by my brother of me climbing Ben's Roof at Raven Tor.
For actual send footage see:

Music: The Bay - Metronomy
Producer: George Carmichael

Robert Jasper FA Ironman

Description: "Robert Jasper gelingt mit IRONMAN (M/D 14+) in Eptingen (CH) ein echtes Mixed & Drytooling Highlight.

Film by: Frank Kretschmann
Music by: Jens Petzold
Webseite Robert Jasper
Producer: funst

Dave Graham vs Mind 2 Motion

Description: " Mind 2 Motion 8B+ was first put up by Daniel Woods. Song is 'About You' by XXYYXX.

Originally seen on
Producer: Bearcam Media

Alpine Climbing Bugaboos -- The Classics

Description: "The Beckey Chouinard may be the best alpine rock climb on the planet. It deserves the rep. Located in the Bugaboos Provincial Park, Fred Beckey's and Yvon Chouinard's bold climbing lines follows South Howser Tower's West Buttress. It can require every tool in a climbers quiver -- glacier travel, 5.10 rock, endurance and even some mixed snow and ice at certain times of the year. V 5.10 22 pitches

Created By Duct Tape Then Beer

Design by Anya Miller

Music Artist: The Lumineers Track: Scotland
Producer: Outdoor Research

Spring Road trip to Vegas

Description: "Snow piles up in Salt lake city... so there was only one palace to go for some relief... VEGAS!

Vegas time lapse footage credit:
Philip Bloom
Producer: Climbing

Jason Kehl Returns to Squamish

Description: "Escaping the Texas heat, La Sportiva Athlete Jason Kehl heads north to seek cooler temps under the canopy of one of the world's most enchanted forests.
Producer: lasportivana

The Golden Ticket

Description: "Ethan Pringle attempts one of the hardest route in the Red River Gorge, The Golden Ticket.
Producer: Devin Whetstone

Beating the Heat!

Description: "A trailer from the Shibidaang files. New development and good times in the summer heat of Southern Utah. Starring Laura Kisana and Isaac Caldiero.
Producer: Shibidaang

Still Life, 5.14b - Summersville Lake, West Virginia

Description: "Stephen Meinhold giving the BETA on this area test-piece.
Producer: Water Stone Outdoors

The Greatest Show on Earth, 5.13 - Meadow River Gorge, WV

Description: "David Sharratt on a super cool 5.13 trad route.
Producer: Water Stone Outdoors

Park Life

Description: " Yosemite Bouldering. Jon Krakauer wrote, “In any human endeavor, some fraction of it's practitioners will be motivated to pursue that activity with such concentrated focus and unalloyed passion that it will consume them utterly. As a result of this infatuation, existence overflows with purpose. Through immoderation, he experiences something akin to rapture.”

Yosemite Valley has long been regarded as the holy land for climbers and boulderers throughout the world. The origins of rock climbing lie in the 3000-foot granite walls lining the valley and the boulders that sit strewn about below these staggering monoliths.

In the late weeks of November, the Louder Than 11 crew gathered from all corners of the country to experience Yosemite Valley bouldering. As a group of passionate individuals, we enveloped ourselves in the landscape for two weeks, attacking boulders as if tomorrow would never come. On the surface, the very foundation of our identities is built on rock climbing—a sport that we believe is the greatest on the planet—but there is much more to this seemingly inherent addiction than meets the eye.

With Park Life, we strive to answer this age-old, omnipresent question: Why? By combining difficult climbing, captivating visuals, and engaging music under the all-encompassing umbrella of a professional production company, we hope to portray a unique lifestyle that has given us all a palpable sense of unwavering purpose. The long-lasting friendships, incessant failure and equally abundant success, reckless commitment and dedication driven to the point of complete and utter irresponsibility; it’s an eternal battle. We do it because we love it. At LT11 our media is always free, whether you like it or not.


A Louder Than 11 Production

Natasha Barnes
Rich Crowder
Sarah Fullerton
Jon Glassberg
Jordan Shipman
Ryan Silven
Ben Vernon
Anson Whitmer
Dave Wetmore
Max Zolotukhin

Directed by
Rich Crowder
Jon Glassberg
Jordan Shipman

Video by
Rich Crowder
Jon Glassberg
Jordan Shipman

Additional Camera Support by
Ben Vernon

Director of Photography
Rich Crowder

Edited by
Jon Glassberg
Jordan Shipman

Motion Graphics by
Jordan Shipman

Visual Effects by
Jordan Shipman

Music Supervision by
Jon Glassberg

Django Django "Default"
The Japanese Pop Stars "Take Forever"
Metronomy "Everything Goes My Way"
Gramatik "Dungeon Sound"
Umek, Baltek "Out of Play"
Mr. Sche & L. Ceasar "Hustle Maniac"
Flowers and Sea Creatures "Secrets we Stole from the Dance Floor"
Kemek "Certain Frequencies"
The Japanese Pop Stars "Shells of Silver White Sea"
Flowers and Sea Creatures "A.M."
T&K "Summer Night"

Best Boy Grip
Ben Vernon

Special Thanks to
Urban Climber
Revolution Climbing
Buck Hoover
Ethan Pringle
Chad Wolak
Doug Hartman

Free. Whether you like it or not.
© 2012 Louder Than 11
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Cresciano & Chironico - Bouldering in Ticino

Description: "Ticino is one of the regions with the highest concentration of amazing bouldering spots. It was the first time we visited the area and we were amazed by the quantity of five star boulders that we found in Cresciano and Chironico. In this video we would like to give you a short cut of our trip, featuring some classics we climbed during our week in Ticino. Some of the boulders we have done: Frank's wild years, La boulette, Kirk Windstein, Miss Schweiz, Confession of a crap artist... Enjoy.
Producer: rmoroder

Hueco y los 5 Compadres

Description: "5 very different characters journey into hueco tanks for a week.
Producer: Nowhereproductions


Description: "АAlexey Rubtsov, Russian bouldering champion, spends about 1500 hours per year climbing. About 1/4 of that time is spent on actual rock. This video shows Alexey's climbing at Russian Triangular lake, Font and Ticino. лексей Рубцов: "Я лазаю около 1500 часов в год, из низ на скалах максимум четверть..." Это видео почти про всю четверть Алексея в 2011 г.
Producer: skalatoria

ARC'TERYX New Routin’ in the Creek

Description: "Last spring, Arc’teryx athlete Will Stanhope headed to Utah’s desert kingdom to headpoint established routes and find a few of his own. “You don’t really need to go on the full spirit quest and wander out into the middle of nowhere to find new routes,” says Stanhope. At Indian Creek, it’s a matter of looking between the established lines.

See more of Will in action at:
Producer: ARC'TERYX

Adam Ondra bouldering in Fontainebleau

Adam's first visit to world class boulders of Fontainebleau.
Click here to watch Video #2
Click here to watch Video #3
Producer: blackdiamondvideo

El Potrero Chico: Rock Climbing in Mexico

Description: "El Potrero Chico is a climbing area in northern Mexico, located just outside of Hidalgo, Nuevo León. This 15 minute documentary follows the adventure of Mike Maekelburger and Gurpreet Chandna as they discover the people, culture, and climbing routes that Potrero Chico a destination for climbers world wide.

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Producer: Play Creative Media


Description: "Bouldering in Iran. I never Thought of climbing as a Time machine! when you climb a route you climb a history not just because its stone , and stone touches thousand of years but because other people just like you touched that too, they may try to climb that too and they've been here laughing and spending amazing times...
anyway , this time we went for climbing to make a memory alive for someone who has been there for first time more than 16 years ago and he was really intrested to see the problem that he tried to climb those years , nice place with great boulders and stone's material was just amazing, its called KHORZANE and its placed in hamedan its 15 minutes driving from city which is great!
Our Facebook page :
Camera : Canon EOS 7D , JVC everio gz

Lens : canon 15-85 mm
Music :

Sound Of Some - Alexander Franke

These Days - Robin Grey

music for the heart - nico pusch

Glory - radical face
software : Adobe After effect cs5 & premiere pro cs5
Producer: mohammad.AH

Ground Up - Extinction

Description: " Groung up trad climbing on the
Producer: ben pritchard

The Colorado Boys (RV Project Episode 3)

Description: "A short film about four crack climbers who find their way to Hueco Tanks to put up some first ascents in between boulders.

Vikki Glinskii
Spenser Tang-Smith
Byron Jordan Wolter

Spenser Tang-Smith
Vikki Glinskii
Byron Jordan Wolter

Brad Jackson
Justin Edl
Adam Pappilion
Chris "spaz" Van Leuven

Directed by Wolter Byron

An RV Project Production

In association with Grumpy Golden Entertainment
Producer: ByronWolter


Description: "Big wall aid climbing and base jumping in Antarctica. In November 2009, four adventurers (Sam Beaugey, Manu Pellissier, Seb Collomb-Gros and Géraldine Fasnacht) went on an expedition through Antarctica, this wild frozen land, in order to do all kind of mountain sports: skiing, aid climbing, snow kiting, paragliding and base jumping... Music cue sheet : 00:10 - Black Era "Shielded" 02:50 - Roger Subirana "Point of no return" 05:45 - Tryad "Beauty" 13:03 - Alexander Blu "Emptiness" All those soundtracks are available on: 01 - Dziahn "Wai Dubber" 07:02 - eKoman "Project echo" 09:30 - eKoman "The Time" 12:28 - eKoman "Shake that body" 13:30 - eKoman "Kite glide" Those soundtracks are available on: Enjoy !
From: petzlcrew

True Grip. Jordan Buys.

Description: "Jordans Buys on his gripping onsight attempt of Vertical speed E7 6c at Heptenstall quarry.

Directed shot and edited by Adam Bailes
Producer: Boreal Video

SendNation: Tulsa

Description: "Located around Tulsa, Oklahoma are five different bouldering areas. This video showcases some of the more classic lines in these areas. With problems ranging from V1-V13, you're sure to find one the gets you psyched.
Producer: LadyHawk productions


Description: "A short documentary about three very average climbers who make their way to Indian Creek, Utah, to get embroiled in some crack-climbing.
Producer: Jenny Crook


Description: "The ultimate full moon shot. Dean Potter walks a highline at Cathedral Peak as the sun sets and the moon rises. Shot from over 1 mile away with a Canon 800mm and 2X by Mikey Schaefer.

This shot was part of a bigger project for National Geographic called The Man Who Can Fly.

Directed by Mikey
Produced by Bryan Smith
Concept by Dean Potter

Slate - By Wil Bolton
From the Album: Time Lapse on Hibernate Recordings
Licensed through: Audiomoves -
Producer: Reel Water Productions

ClimbTech Removable Bolts for Rock Climbing

Description: "ClimbTech and Joe Kinder present a short video demonstrating our patented 1/2" Removable Bolts and Permadraws. The tactics, pains, and planning that go into equipping a route are made easier with these tools. Chris Sharma, Randy Leavitt and Kevin Wilkinson take us along with their thoughts and insights, while Joe Kinder and Colette McInerney develop and climb the hardest route in Central Washington, Staring Without Caring 5.14a. The viewer will understand how RB's minimize impact and make bolting on lead much more efficient.

For more go to
Producer: ClimbTech

Ian Dory sending The Wheel Of Life

Description: "On Sunday June 17th 2012 Ian dory made the 7th (and youngest) ascent of The Wheel Of Life 9a+ in the Grampians Victoria Australia.
Producer: Exileded

Jorg and Katha in Joe's and Moe's Valley

Description: "Joe's and Moe's Valley bouldering. Featured problems in order of appaearance:
No Substance V9 - Joe's
Masterpiece V13 - Joe's
Gurkha Knife V9 - Joe's
Eden V9 - Joe's
Renaissance Man V9 - Joe's
Crusader for Justice V12/13 - Moe's
Lindner Roof V9 - Moe's
Show of Hands V11 - Moe's
Producer: jorg verhoeven

Nico Favresse on La Reina Mora

Description: "La Reina Mora(8c+) in Siurana, Spain. Black Diamond athlete Nico Favresse spent some time in Siurana, Spain and managed to redpoint the stunning La Reina Mora (8c+). Lensman Bernardo Gimenez was on the scene and put together this excellent video portrait of Nico and his efforts on La Reina Mora. To see some amazing photos Gimenez took of Nico on La Reina Mora, go to:
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Kilian Fischhuber sending Air Star

Description: "Air Star (8B). A clip from Chuck Fryberger's AMAZING film Core illustrating what happens when bouldering's finest-- Nalle Hukkataival, Keven Jorgeson, Kilian Fischhuber, et al. work collectively to FA the dramatic Air Star (8B) in the Rocklands, South Africa's bouldering mecca.
Producer: carlosfromphilly

Terapia da Terra - Cocalzinho Escalada

Description: "(V10/7C+) Matheus Farage escala o boulder "Terapia da Terra", em Cocalzinho-GO. Mais em:

Matheus Farage climbs "Terapia da Terra", in Cocalzinho, Brazil. More in:

Música: "Seven Digit Clock" by Charles Atlas (
"Total Fascination" - Pretty Lights
Producer: Pedra Viva

Seek and Destroy - Gateway Canyon

Description: "Max Moore climbing Seek and Destroy, a rare roof boulder in Gateway Canyon. FA by Pete Lowe in December 2010. The sequence shown here is in the style of the first ascent.
Producer: BLOCHEAD

BMC Helmet Campaign Video

Description: "In 2012 the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) launched a Helmet Campaign. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness amongst climbers and mountaineers about climbing helmets, and to help them decide when to wear one or not.

In this video we interview climbers at Stanage Edge, England's most popular crag, to find out about their attitudes to wearing helmets, and we discuss the different kinds of helmet on offer. We ask climber Neil Bentley about why he chose to wear a helmet on the first ascent of Equilibrium, the UK's first E10, and find out how a serious head injury affected his life, after an accident on the Marmolada in the Dolomites.
Producer: team_BMC

Mayan Smith-Gobat - Punks in the Gym

Description: "Mayan Smith-Gobat climbing Punks in the Gym (8b+) & China Doll (5.13d). For more stories go to: Or download our iPad app:
Producer: adidasoutdoortv

Bishop Bouldering-Humboldt State Climbing Team

Description: "Humboldt State Climbing Team spends another year in Bishop! Featuring Rave, Acid Wash, Go Granny Go, Fly Boy Arete, Highbrow, Slap Happy, Sunshine Slab

Filmed on a Canon t2i with 18-55mm kit lens, 50mm 1.8, 50-250mm kit lens
Edited and color corrected in final cut pro
Motion Tracking by Mark Winterlin
Producer: Joe Ramos

Life On Hold Preview - The Prow

Description: "A sneak peak from our film 'Life on Hold.' Dan Varian, Ned Feehally and Micky Page attempt the Prow at Kyloe in the Woods, Northumberland. The problem was eagerly awaiting a second ascent after Andy Earl originally gave the route E9...
Producer: Outcrop Films

Ice climbing Kennedy Gully

Description: "A lucky climber on Kennedy’s Gully, Ouray Ice Park, Colorado (USA)
Producer: irishpatrick6

Alan Cassidy - Metalcore 8c+

Description: "A short film of Alan Cassidy completing the third ascent of Dave MacLeod's Metalcore (8c+).

Metalcore was Alan's first climb at 8c+, and has been a labour of love since the summer of 2010.
Producer: Matt Pycroft