Sonnie Trotter: The Battle of Evermore

Featuring: Sonnie Trotter provides a fine new route on an overhanging prow near Squamish, Canada.
Producer: Patagonia and Alias Cinema

The Only Blasphemy

Featuring: John Long narrates his tales of soloing with John Bacher
Producer: Duane Raleigh and Rock and Ice

James Kassay sends Wheel of Life, V15

Featuring: Possibly the best free footage of someone climbing this monster boulder problem.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Climbing South East Alaska 2013

Featuring: David Hertel and Kurt Ross climbing in the cirque of Mount Emerick near Haines and other routes around Skagway Alaska.
Producer: Kurt Ross

Paige Claassen - Rolihlahla (32, 5.13d)

Featuring: Paige Claassen on 4th ascent of Rolihlahla (32,5.13d) in Waterval Boven South Africa.
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Portland Boulder Rally Highlights

Featuring: High energy highlights from a boulder comp in Portland, USA. With 27 professional entrants competing.
Director: Jordan Shipman
Editor: Jennifer Morgan
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Jimmy Chin in Grand Teton

Featuring: Spectacular aerial footage of Jimmy Chin ski mountaineering
Producer: National Park Foundationand Camp4 Collective

Jenn Flemming - Devils Tower

Featuring: Jenn Flemming takes us up the stunning Devils Tower in Wyoming, USA
Producer: National Park Foundation and Camp4 Collective

Best of Bouldering World Cups 2013

Featuring: A collection of the most amazing moves and moments from this year's world cup events.
Producer: mouvementproduction

Generations: Nicole, Robinson & Webb

Featuring: Fred Nicole, Paul Robinson and Jimmy Webb share a day of climbing in Hueco
Producer: pranacollective

Wind & Rattlesnakes

Featuring: A top quality documentary about climbing and developing rock near Lander, Wyoming, USA
Producer: Kyle Duba

Just Another Hueco Video

Featuring: Actually, this one is lot better than most.
Producer: scientia

Spoilt for choice in the North West of Scotchland

Featuring: Enticing bouldering, biking and fishing in North West of Scotland
Producer: Chris Houston

Funky Moves - Sisu Masters 2013

Featuring: The Sisu Masters competition at Helsinki, Finland with Dave Graham and Nalle Hukkataival
Producer: Blue Kangoo Films

Classic - Karma in Fontainebleau

Featuring: Glairon Mondet Guillaume climbing a classic.

Bouldering in Pine Mountain, CA

Featuring: A cool short edit of two classics at Pine Mountain, CA, USA.
Producer: Matt Braunstein

Alex Honnold FA - A Gift From Wyoming

Featuring: Alex Honnold developing rock in Yosemite
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment and John Dickey

Martina Mali - Rumble in the Jungle

Featuring: CryptoChild captures Martina Mali sending Rumble in the Jungle at Hueco
Producer: CryptoChild

Water-cum-Jolly - A Few Hidden Classics

Featuring: A vivid look at climbing at Water-cum-Jolly in the Peak District, England
Agent Provocateur - 8a+
The Free Monster - 8a
Rumble in the Jungle - 8a+
Producer: JC

Miss Schweiz

Featuring: Jimmy Webb and company visit to Switzerland for the "unbelievable" bouldering.
Producer: Jimmy Webb

The Shoe Wars

Featuring: Shannon Joslin and Flannery Shay-Nemirow battle it out at Joe's Valley, USA.
Producer: The RV Project

The Fields

Featuring: A film festival short about boulder development in Kelowna, Canada
Producer: Clayton Arnall

The Jackal

Featuring: Tyler Willcut finishes a long standing project at Laurel Falls in Tennessee

Music: Ehren Starks, "No One Will Ever Know"
Producer: Andrew Kornylak

A Day with Fred Beckey in the Dolomites

Featuring: A portrait of Fred Beckey
Producer: Patagonia and Aiden Haley

Not with two but with one

Featuring: Alexander Biermann sending "black smoke, white wings" 7b+ with only one leg.
Producer: Paul Masukowitz

Deleted Scene from Reel Rock 7

Featuring: The first ascent of an unknown 5.16/9c+
Producer: desktodirtbag

Albarracìn, Spain

Featuring: Paige Claassen and Jon Glassberg travel to Albarracìn, Spain
Producer: Louder Than Eleven

Spirits of Ásgarðr

Featuring: Ines Papert, Jon Walsh and Joshua Lavigne epic on Mt. Asgard, Baffin Island, Canada.
Producer: ARC'TERYX

Teneriffa Tension | Bouldering with Gu

Featuring: Bouldering development on the Canary Islands with Guntram Joerg.
Producer: funst

Moose's Tooth West Ridge, Alaska

Featuring: Grade V alpine climbing in perfect conditions.
Producer: Mark Smiley


Featuring: Rocklands bouldering with Artem Petrakov and Alexey Rubtsov
Producer: Pavel Isaev

Making Tommy

Featuring: A closer look at the living legend Tommy Caldwell
Producer: Patagonia

Squamish Selection

Featuring: A nice selection of boulder problems from Squamish, Canada
Producer: Max Krimmer

Video and Photo Techniques - Top Down Shooting

Featuring: Jon Glassberg shares a few tricks for shooting video from a rope.
Producer: Jon Glassberg

Un Monton de Suerte

Featuring: Climbing Cerro Torre and Cerro Stanhardt
Producer: paul


Featuring: Nalle Hukkataival climbs a stiking line at the Magic Wood, Switzerland
Producer: & Diego Defilla

Klemen Premrl and Tim Emmett - FA Wolverine (WI11)

Featuring: A new ice route is established at the incredible Helmcken Falls in Canada
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Mad Climb - The Great White Fright

Featuring: Climbing up vertical unconsolidated chalky dirt with ice axes? Ya, that's a thing.
Producer: epictvadventure

Adam Ondra - two V16s

Featuring: Adam Ondra sending two of the world's hardest boulder problems
Producer: thereelrockfilmtour

Off the Wagon!

Featuring: Jan Hojer crushing boulders in Switzerland, including the second ascent of 'Off The Wagon' v14/8c
Producer: Jan Hojer


Featuring: A story about Paul Nadler, a man living on the road, climbing as he goes.
Producer: sproinkers

Nalle Hukkataival in Peñoles, Mexico

Featuring: Nalle Hukkataival decides to leave behind the bureaucracy of bouldering in Hueco.
Producer: Black Diamond Equipment

Free the Titan

Featuring: A free climb on the Titan, a 275m tower of hard mud. Titan is the tallest of the iconic Fisher Towers in Utah.
Producer: paul

Matt Fultz in the Rocklands

Featuring: Matt Fultz visits the Rocklands in South Africa and sends several hard classics in impressive style.
Producer: Solid Rock - Climbers for Christ

Los monos tambien flotan

Featuring: Six set sail, searching the fjords of Chile for unclimbed rock.
Producer: SiEmPrE iR!! producciones

Frozen Rallye - Short

Featuring: Fantastic footage of 8 waterfall ascents in a day
Producer: hannes mair

Ganesh - FA by Gérôme Pouvreau

Featuring: The first ascent of "Ganesh" (8B+) in Badami, India.
Producer: barakafilms38

Salathe - El Capitan, Yosemite

Featuring: Janelle and Mark Smiley enjoy a few beautiful days heading up the Salathe Wall
Producer: Mark Smiley


Featuring: 10 Year old Kayla Pelletier, climbing and developing in North West Connecticut
Producer: Hunter Pedane

Elder Statesman

Featuring: James Pearson pulls a wild move to make the 3rd ascent of Elder Statesman, HXS 7a, Curbar Edge, Peak District UK
Producer: Wild Country

Escalade: climbing iz not, épisode n°7

Featuring: A chalk obsession.
Producer: Yvan Fourcade

Meltdown 9a/5.14d Slab Climb

Featuring: James Machaffie completes the 30 year old Meltdown project
Producer: Adam Hocking

Sasha DiGiulian "Era Vella" 5.14d (9a)

Featuring: Sasha Sending in Spain
Producer: adidas Outdoor and 3 Strings Productions

Alan Cassidy - Metalcore 8c+

Featuring: Alan Cassidy completing the 3rd ascent of Dave MacLeod's Metalcore 8c+/5.14c
Producer: Matt Pycroft

Climbing Shoe Repair

Featuring: In 1996, André Berezoski (Belê), founded "SOS Sapatilha" and started resoling climbing shoes as a way to pursue his life as a professional climber. Today, he lives in São Bento do Sapucaí where he owns a climbing gym, makes world-class crashpads and still runs his climbing shoe resole business.
Producer: Claudio Brisighello

Careless Torque - Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

Featuring: The female ascent of Careless Torque in the Peak District, England.
Producer: Outcrop Films

Viva La Vie

Featuring: Jonathan Siegrist and Nina Caprez climb two of the hardest routes at the Verdon Gorge in France
Producer: ARC'TERYX and 3 Strings Productions

Fall Bouldering in Tahoe

Featuring: A fun little trip to Lake Tahoe, USA
Producer: Conor McCarthy

Vian Charbonneau on Thug Life 5.13d

Featuring: Thug Life. Red River Gorge.
Producer: tara reynvaan

Chris Sharma - Witness The Fitness, V15

Featuring: A mega classic clip from the film Dosage Volume 3, recently published for free on BigUPs's youtube channel. Thanks BigUP!
Producer: bigupproductions

China on Ice

Featuring: Team Petzl climbing on remarkable ice in Siguniang Mountains, China.
Producer: myRealProd

Woods and Robinson - The Ice Knife V15

Featuring: Daniel Woods & Paul Robinson making the 2nd and 3rd ascents of Dave Graham's test piece.
Producer: Beau Kahler Media

Through Hell & Very High-Water Bouldering Squamish

Featuring: The 'Lost in North America' crew eagerly visits Squamish during their tour.
Producer: epictvadventure

On the Road

Featuring: Ashima Shiraishi making the first female ascents of European Human Being V12/8A+ and The Automator V13/8B.
Producer: Evolv Climbing

Free solo and base in Crimea

Featuring: up and down
Producer: Andrey Nefedov

La Leze-ciones de Dani

Featuring: Dani Andrada's process of developing a cave route.
Producer: David López "Campe"

Kilian Fischhuber at Hueco

Featuring: Kilian climbs Slashface and other hard lines at Hueco
Producer: vaudesport & Johannes Mair

Advanced Training for Climbing

Featuring: Galina Parfenov's popular training video
Producer: Galina Parfenov

The Overlife

Featuring: "A life over the rocks..."
Producer: Rich Salamone, Dependent Media, and Broken Seal Productions

Bouldering in Malawi - The Warm Heart Of Africa

Featuring: Mélissa Le Nevé and Benjamin Rueck exploring Malawi for new rock
Producer: Vast Motion Pictures

Falling into the danger zone

Featuring: A mid climb surprise at Doyle, USA.
Producer: nip9

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